About Us: The Houstory Brothers

Hello there, and welcome to The Houstory Hearth, the official blog of Houstory® . The company is a family owned business managed by a couple of brothers: Mike Hiestand, and his younger brother, Dan. The two launched the company in 2011.

Mike and Dan (as well as their customers, scattered across the planet) believe the things we care about have stories — whether they are houses or cherished belongings. Houstory has developed two products — The Heirloom Registry™ and the Home History Book™ archival journal — that help to protect and share those stories, providing lasting, accessible ways to make sure the stories and records of the things we care about are preserved and easily found by future generations.

houstory, Mike Hiestand, Dan Hiestand, Heirloom Registry
Mike and Dan Hiestand, The Houstory Brothers

Here’s a handy-dandy video that tells you a little bit more “About Us,” which is handy because this is the “About Us” section of the blog.

Now that you see we’re not such bad guys, and because we are feeling generous, here are two more videos about the two things we happen to sell (luckily for you). Thanks for your interest!


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