And the winner of a free Home History Book archival journal is…

Like we’re actually going to tell you in the first paragraph!

After a slow start, we had a respectable turnout for our first book giveaway. We didn’t realize how challenging it would be to actually give away a $300 product that will last for many years. But, we can’t say we blame people — the digital universe is full of big promises with lots of red tape, and companies in your face about how “special” their product or service is — even if it is being given away and it’s not that special. We normally just blow by giveaways ourselves.

Houstory Publishing thanks you for your support!

For those who entered the giveaway, we appreciate the support, so cheers to you all. We also hope you’ve received some useful information along the way. We want to sell books, of course, but we also want to inspire the ‘houstorian’ in all of you and we hope it shows.

Well, let’s get to the main course. The winner of the first Houstory Publishing Home History Book archival journal giveaway is…

Sara Vandepas of Portland, Ore. Congrats to Sara! We hope you enjoy your Home History Book for many years to come, Sara. Thanks to everyone for entering the competition and supporting Houstory!

And if you haven’t “liked us” yet, now’s the time. Today we’re happy to announce that our next drawing for a free Home History Book will be on Leap Year Day: February 29.  It only happens once every four years, so don’t miss out!