Houstory, Heirloom Registry Featured in Latest Antique Trader Magazine

By Dan Hiestand, Houstory Marketing Director

Mike and I are proud to say we’ve been featured in the latest issue of Antique Trader Magazine!


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The Jan. 23 Antique Trader cover

Antique Trader, a magazine published 26 times per year in Iola, Wis., has served the antiques and collectibles community since 1957. Antique Trader magazine has a weekly circulation of more than 50,000 readers and more than 3,000 unique daily visitors to its website and serves up more than 1 million page views every year. Its blog has been rated one of the most widely read on antiques and collectibles.

Needless to say, this was a pretty big deal for us! Antique Trader editor Antoinette Rahn said The Heirloom Registry is a beneficial service for antique collectors, antique dealers and family historians when utilized.

“A great many collectors are drawn to an item for the memories and experiences that surround it; it’s what helps define its character,” said Rahn. “Whether it’s grandma’s silver flatware, dad’s fishing lure collection, or the dresser a couple finds at a little antique shop on their honeymoon, every piece carries a piece of someone’s life with it. The Heirloom Registry affords people the opportunity to preserve, reflect and celebrate that nostalgia today and for years to come. It solidifies the nostalgia and its importance in a person’s life.”

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