FamilySearch Genealogy Video Series Highlights Importance of Preserving Stories Now

By Dan Hiestand, Houstory Marketing Director

Too often, genealogists and family historians don’t consider their own stories — or even their own family members — as valuable branches of a family tree until its too late.

Sure it’s great to research the “big branches” of ancestors hundreds of years ago, but why not look a little closer to home in terms of both proximity and time? Yesterday, I stumbled across a great video collection produced by FamilySearch that really illustrated this point.

The “5-Minute Genealogy” series episode I came across, called “Learn From Family,” drove home the importance of sitting down with loved ones to share family history before that option no longer exists. It included tips and techniques for completing the task.

Take a looksy. Let it soak in.

And then DO IT!

Have a great week…