Houstory Herd: Our Podcast Schedule

By Dan Hiestand, Houstory Marketing Guy

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So we’ve been getting a few questions regarding our podcast. Specifically, how often episodes will be produced and when they will be released.

We are planning on coming out with new episodes about once every three months (quarterly). The next episode is scheduled for early-mid September 2015. On a related note, we are happy that we’ve gotten good reviews so far, and really do appreciate the kind words! If you like what you hear and you have a spare moment, would you mind giving us a good review on iTunes


And please, let us know if you have a family heirloom or house with a story. Or maybe you know someone else with these types of stories? We’d love to chat with you (or them) on our podcast. Your words may inspire others to save the stories that are so important to family history.

P.S.: Good news! There is still time to enter our multiple contests (if you are reading this before June 1, 2015). For more details on how to win, visit last month’s Herd.



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Now, on to The Herd for this month…

What is “The Hearth Herd.” It’s simply a roundup (hence the name “Herd”) of a few stories we’ve seen recently that we feel our fellow Houstorians would be interested in. The Herd’s content will be confined to three main categories, or related offshoots: 1) House and property history; 2) Family heirlooms; 3) Natural Resource Conservation. Basically, the things you’ve come to expect when you visit our blog.

This is where you come in: If you see stories you think would make our monthly collection, please shoot me an e-mail to info (at) houstory (dot) com, say hello on our Facebook page or send us a Tweet. 

Author: MoneyFacts.co.uk

TitleBrits would save gadgets over heirlooms(Subscription not required, but you do need to wait for about five seconds after you’ve clicked on link to read this story.)

Herd-Worthy Because: The Headline: 1 in 3 would grab their iPad in a fire; only 1 in 5 would opt for their irreplaceable family heirloom. This is Herd-worthy because this study out of England feels so contrary to my take on these things. (And since I’m the editor, that makes it herd-worthy!)

So what would you save? Your iPad (whose photos, of course, have all been properly backed up on the iCloud)(okay, I admit this might skew the results) or your High School Yearbook?

P.S. Don’t answer if you hated high school.


house history

Author: WBUR-Boston (referred by the New England Historic Genealogical Society Newsletter)

TitleLabor Of Love: Preserving A 226-Year-Old Family Home, And Preparing To Let It Go

Herd-Worthy Because: Writer: “Do I really want to know about my great-grandmother’s hard life homesteading in Kansas, or about the particulars of her lengthy medical records, or the gruesome details of my great-uncle’s death by lightning (with the horse he rode in on)?…You bet your Ahnentafel, I do!”

And so do we.


Author: News & Record (Greensboro, N.C.; referred by the New England Historic Genealogical Society Newsletter)

TitlePhotos shed light on haunting subject – abandoned homes

Herd-Worthy Because:”In a Raleigh home, she discovered personal effects left as if time had stopped: love letters from 1920, a mid-20th century dress lying over a chair, a hospital bracelet and Bible beside it.”

Goes to show you: Creepy is the new cool.


Until we “Herd” again…