Good things — and houses — do come in ‘Tiny’ packages

By Dan Hiestand, Houstory Marketing Director

What do you get when you combine a love of cabins with an adoration of small spaces? Tiny House Blog, of course! If you have any kind of curiosity regarding unique living spaces, you’ve probably already heard of  this popular blog. However, in case you are interested and you haven’t, you’re welcome. Be warned, though: time will pass and you may neglect your family for hours on end.

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Image from Tiny House Blog

The site was started by small space/cabin lover Kent Griswold in 2007. According to the Web site, “The goal of the tiny house blog is to discover the different options available for a person looking to down size into a tiny house or cabin. I will be looking at different type of construction, from logs, to yurts to modern and the unusual. I will also do book reviews, look at alternate energy for heat and electricity. I also want to hear your story so please contact me with your pictures and your own experiences in living simply and small.”

If this universe sounds interesting to you, and you enjoy hearing about people living the “tiny house” dream (in addition to seeing a ton of cool photos), check it out.

As the co-creator of The Home History Book  archival journal and a self-proclaimed house history nut, it may seem ironic that what draws me to the Tiny House blog is my belief that many people have too much space, and too much stuff. Admittedly, a lot of the houses that I have grown to admire are huge, and much bigger than I would ever prefer to own. However, I don’t hold it against anyone with a 6,000 square foot home — that’s their business.

With that said, I do think we would be well-served, as a culture, to live simply in terms of resource conservation, environmental protection and our day-to-day mindset. There is a lot to be learned from this ‘tiny’ sub-culture.

What do you think? Did you know about the Tiny House blog? Do you think people can — and should — live with less? Do you own a tiny house? So many questions, and you’ve got answers. Let’s hear em!