What’s the value in researching the history of a new home?

While it may not sound as intriguing as researching the beginning history of a 100-year-old property, researching your newer home’s story is not only easier — it tends to be a lot more accurate. That’s because you are the one who is relaying the story — a first-person account.

Documenting changes as they occur today will be helpful -- and valuable -- for homeowners tomorrow.

You are the best “historical” resource available and your knowledge of your home’s beginning and access to original documents and photos will be invaluable to future residents. Unlike owners who move into a 150-year-old home, for example, you have been there from the beginning and can provide a complete history. You — unlike anyone else — are in the perfect position to provide all of the information about your home’s early history with little or no research. You may have photos of your home during construction, before the landscaping was installed, of moving day or the first night you spent in your new home. These photos and stories will provide a wonderful and unique historical record for both visitors and residents in your home today and in the future.

Imagine their practical value, not to mention the historical interest they will generate 100 or even 10 years from now. For more information on researching your home history, visit www.homehistorybook.com.